1 TAC TC1200 Flashlight Review

1 TAC TC1200 Flashlight Review

Tactical flashlights have been gaining steam in recent years. It seems as though an increasing number of consumers are now seeing the benefits of owning one. Regardless of your reasons for investing in one, it is important to be able to narrow down your options to find the right one to invest in. Below, we will be going over a detailed and thorough review of one of the newest and best tactical flashlights on the market – read our tc1200 flashlight review below.

1TAC TC1200 Review:

1. Material Make Up.

This particular model features a very light and compact military aircraft grade aluminum make up which allows it to be both durable and lightweight. This makes the 1TAC TC1200 an extremely portable and easy to carry the tactical flashlight that will not be cumbersome to carry at all. Because of the lightweight material makeup of the flashlight itself, it stands as one of the most portables on the entire market.

2. Powerful Light Output.

The standout feature of this particular model would have to be it’s powerful light output. Because this flashlight comes with an output potential of 1,200 lumens of light, it stands as the most powerful tactical flashlight on the market. A majority of the flashlights available on the market only feature an output potential of 800 lumens. Therefore, you are going to be getting around 20% of an increase regarding output potential when it comes to the utilization of the light.

3. Modes and Versatility.

Another standout of this particular tactical flashlight is the modes and versatility that it offers. With this flashlight, you are going to be able to utilize it in a variety of ways including the ability to use it on high, medium, low, strobe and even SOS settings. As a result, it is amazingly versatile, and it comes with a tremendous range of function. Along with having five separate modes that you can utilize, it comes with the ability to last up to 100,000 hours. Along with this duration, it can be used at various ranges and distances including the capability to cast at 1x, 250x, 500x, 1000x, and even 200x LED ranges.

4. Waterproof.

This particular model is fully waterproof as it comes with a waterproof certification level of IP65. As a consequence, you should be able to use this in wet conditions, and it will even function perfectly if submersed underwater. This is a big feature for anyone looking for a tactical light as you could find yourself utilizing it in a variety of different situations that could call for waterproofing capabilities.

5. Comes With Tactical Kit.

This particular flashlight comes with a fully tactical kit that is equipped with a single AAA battery, a holster for the flashlight itself, one rechargeable battery, one wall charger, one car charger, and even one tactical storage case. Because it comes with this fully features kit, you end up with a very versatile flashlight that can be proper stored and holstered when needed. The kit itself offers tremendous value.

6. Pricing.

The pricing of this particular flashlight is extremely competitive. It would be very difficult to find a tactical flashlight with as many features and capabilities for the same or lower pricing.

7. Slip Resistant Design.

One of the biggest problems with tactical flashlights on the market is the fact a lot of them are slippery. This particular unit comes with a fully slip-proof design.

8. Intelligent Memory.

Along with the ability to outproduce any other tactical flashlight on the market, this unit comes with intelligent memory which allows the flashlight itself to memorize the last brightness setting when it is switched off so that you do not have to reset it to the desired output when you decide to switch it back on.

9. Overheating Protection.

Another good thing about this tactical flashlight is the fact that it comes with over heating protection which will allow the flashlight itself to avoid high temperatures on the surface.

10. Brightest Single LED.

This flashlight comes with the absolute brightest single LED on the market as it features a CREE XM-L2 bulb. As a result, it is the single brightest performer on the tactical flashlight market.